Oct 152011

As someone who lives and breathes Social Media, Facebook is one of my #1 tools.  Part of being so involved in it is seeing where things can be tweaked and improved upon.  For example, I can’t tell you how many times I come across businesses trying to use personal profiles (soon to be changed to Timelines) for business purposes.

This is a HUGE “no-no”.  The following statement is directly from Facebook Help:

The account I created to promote my business, band or other organization is now disabled.

Per our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, Facebook profiles (timelines) must represent an individual. Users aren’t permitted to maintain an account under the name of their organization, or use personal accounts to advertise or promote themselves professionally. If your profile (timeline) was listed under a non-individual name, or was used primarily for professional promotion, this is probably why it was removed.

Leading all-round Internet resource, Mashable, had this to say as well as part of their Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes:

Not only is it critical to know how Facebook works and what tools are available, it’s also important to know the rules of the road — something that many businesses miss.

“Every day I see organizations endangering the communities they are growing by violating the terms they agreed to when their Facebook presence was created,” says small business marketing consultant Lisa Jenkins.

What are the most common violations? Some build a community on a personal page instead of a proper Facebook Page. Others fail to abide by Facebook’s rules around running contests.

Should you choose to work your Social Media without help, please PLEASE follow the rules. :)   The LAST thing you want happening is having your Facebook account seized or worse, cancelled, because of not complying.


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